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Rust is a natural result of our environment. Your car will be exposed to environmental conditions which accelerates the rusting process. Even the most careful use of your vehicle does not prevent corrosion on the autobody of your car. While these damages may not be visible to the naked eye, you may find rust eating away at your car. Don’t delay ! Protect your car, truck or van 24 hours a day – rain or shine – with the world leader in electronic automotive rust control ! The Rust Evader® system retards rust and corrosion so that common nicks, scratches and abrasions won’t deteriorate into rust-through damage from the outside-in or from the inside-out. The Rust Evader® system safeguards your investment and helps to preserve the environment !

  • Helps increase your car’s value at trade-in time
  • Protection against rust-through damage as a result of stone chips, nicks, abrasions & sea spray
  • Is transferable to your next car
  • Original USA technology
  • No messy chemicals, environment friendly
  • Easy installation
  • Over 15 years consumer satisfaction
  • Nearly 1.7 million installed worldwide

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e-mail: info@rustevader.co.za