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Over a decade of test market experience and consumer satisfaction guarantees our product as the best in today’s high-tech market. In South Africa Rust Evader® has been tested and recommended by the Automobile Association of S.A. (test findings Jan. 1993) and the evaluation in part concludes …”It is our (AA) considered opinion that the Rust Evader Electronic Rust Control device is very effective to retard rust corrosion on a piece of steel motor body panel.” Over the past 15 years Rust Evader has secured contracts with over 500 SA companies and has been featured on the Australian Science TV program “Beyond 2000”.

Rust Evader’s patented “Hybrid” technology termed C.D.O.I (Capacitive Discharge Oxidation Interference) has passed every laboratory test it has been subjected to. Exhaustive tests have been conducted by independent laboratories in 16 countries worldwide, crediting Rust Evader with documented testimonials including the stringent German TUV Test and CE Stamp Endorsement. An ongoing consumer and fleet satisfaction group on all types of cars in all types of climates and within excess of 1.7 million units sold worldwide proves conclusively the effectiveness of it’s technology.

The Rust Evader® is not another form of chemical rust proofing, but a tangible device – which is fitted much like an alarm. The unit consists of a black command module and two anodes which are non-sacrificial. Unlike the chemical application which "may" protect approximately 30% of your car and only what is termed "inside-out" protection i.e. where it is sprayed, by contrast the Rust Evader® reaches some 95% of your car i.e., the whole shell, the doors, the bonnet, the roof - every seam, seal, and weld of your vehicle is protected not only from the inside but also from the outside where your vehicle is most exposed to the very elements that cause corrosion.

The Rust Evader® module attaches to your regular car battery and draws about as much current as your cars clock. Over every 8 second cycle it emits a surge of "free" electrons throughout your vehicle to the very places your car has lost its protective paint and coatings (through stone chips, scratches, and abrasions) and "shields" these exposed areas from harm. The charge is too small to be noticed, however the free electrons interfere with the rusting process and retard rust and corrosion significantly.

No. Not all automotive electronic corrosion control systems work! The revolutionary Rust Evader® technology is one of a kind and substantially extends autobody life through “capacitive discharge oxidation interference” (CDOI), a form of impressed current technology. The patented CDOI technology is not “cathodic protection” – which has been scientifically proven ineffective in exhaustive laboratory and field testing worldwide. Cathodic protection is limited in application to environments which provide a continuous electrolytic (electrolyte) between the corroding metal (cathode) and the oxidizing agent (anode). When purchasing an electronic corrosion system make sure it is the trade-marked Rust Evader® brand for complete peace of mind.

Application is difficult, and many corrosion vulnerable areas of a vehicle cannot be reached by even the most sophisticated spraying equipment. What’s more in as little as 21/2 to 4 years, coated vehicles have shown extensive corrosion beneath the protective coating. Electrolytes can penetrate the protective coating by osmosis and attack the metal beneath. The coating will actually flake off the metal. This is why the Rust Evader® can serve as an effective back-up to even to most respected undercoating systems.

  • New vehicle Owners – Get protection from day one to preserve your investment.
  • Older Vehicle Owners – Prolong the appearance of your vehicle in order to receive better trade-in value.

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